Left wing ideological bias at universities

Well, after an absence from blogging I can’t resist returning to note the outcome of the recent Senate Inquiry into academic bias. The inquiry had special interest to Jewish groups since not one, but three groups made submissions: AIJAC, ECAJ and AUJS (the latter two jointly). I had published an Opinion article on the subject in the Sydney Morning Herald titled (by the editor) ‘I am guilty as charged of bias and prejudice’ confessing my own failure to uphold the high standards required by these paragons of objectivity and neutrality. My article speaks for itself concerning the absurdity and delusion of these submissions that are, in fact, a thinly disguised, pseudo-intellectualized effort to suppress uncomfortable truths that are contrary to official Zionist propaganda. Here, I am simply pleased to report that the Senate Inquiry has found the the submissions were generally childish and a waste of time.

On the subject of bias, I must add that at the present time when the Israeli press itself is describing the violence of Jewish settlers against Palestinians as a ‘pogrom’ and Gaza is descending into a humanitarian crisis, the Australian media and especially the Australian Jewish News manage to avoid letting their readers know such disturbing facts. A few weeks ago, together with a few others, I had submitted the following letter to the Australian Jewish News, but regrettably they didn’t publish it. Undoubtedly, it was too biased.

In view of the dire humanitarian tragedy in Gaza just reported by the Red Cross
(Independent 15 Nov), it is a welcome sign that the AJN editorial (14 Nov) on
‘Tough Love’ recognizes the need for friends of Israel to be critical when it is
deserved. AJN expresses the sentiments of the many signatories of the public
statement by Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV) in early 2007. However,
representatives of the Jewish community such as AIJAC and ECAJ evidently can’t
dissociate themselves from the policies of the Jewish State to support their own
Government’s stance on international humanitarian law. It is little wonder that
others may fail to distinguish anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism.

The West Bank settlements, the separation wall, house demolitions and brutal
collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza are crimes violating the Fourth
Geneva Convention. Above all, the very possibility of a two-state solution that
the Jewish community professes to support is completely undermined by the
illegal settlements that it refuses to condemn. It is no contribution to
Israel’s peace and security for friends of Israel to follow Zionist spokesmen in
rejecting the principles of international humanitarian law.

Peter Slezak
Michael Brull
Eran Asoulin
James Levy
Antony Loewenstein

Finally, one more item of relevance here is the recent ABC Radio National program ‘Street Stories’ in which I was interviewed together with others on our experience as dissenting Jews which may be heard here, titled ‘No Excuse Not to Know’.

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