Gaza crisis

The editorial of the Sydney Morning Herald of Tuesday, December 30, like the letter from Diane Armstrong on the same page are typical of the misinformation campaign that goes into hyperdrive at such times when Israel is committing indefensible atrocities. One might expect more from such sources, but their blindness or cynical disregard for the facts is revealing.

The indisputable facts are simply reversed, denied or unmentionable. It was the same in 1982 when Israel committed large-scale terrorism against Lebanon and again in the 2006 war on Lebanon with its violations of international law. This time, so-called “supporters of Israel” feel that they must justify crimes by denying the uncontroversial evidence regarding the immediate causes of the current hostilities – the violation of the fragile cease-fire. The facts are not open to dispute and even the Israeli press is quite capable of presenting the truth. The issues are set out in our piece written today with Antony Loewenstein in the ABC’s online news pages “Unleashed”. It takes the form of a response to Vic Alhadeff, senior representative of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. His article is a case-study in partisan propaganda and spin which hardly helps the cause of peace and security for Israel, quite apart from the profound, ongoing tragedy of the Palestinians.

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