Christopher Hitchens

Hitchens was once entertaining to read. Now he’s dull, and has also become stupid. In this article, he suggests that people once said despair caused suicide bombing. However, despair has only increased, yet there are no suicide bombings in Israel, and haven’t been for years. He concludes from this that it is not despair which caused suicide bombings. Instead, it is religious fundamentalism.  Or mean old men. Well, Mr Hitchens, if this is the case, what happened to the mean old men over the last few years? Did they all die? Have they become willing to compromise? I thought that you argued they would not accept compromise?

Evidently, since his shift to the right, Hitchens has happily abandoned logic (in addition to his abandonment of Palestinians). The result is incoherence, which at least the Murdoch media is still happy to publish.

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