Invitation to contact/join Jews Against the Occupation (JAO)

As people familiar with IAJV are aware, it is not a member-based organisation. Those who wish to join such an organisation may contact our comrade organisation, Jews against the Occupation, a member-based activist group with the following aims:

– Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in 1967, with an international peacekeeping force to provide security for both sides.

– Removal of all Jewish settlements from the occupied Palestinian Territories and an immediate dismantling of the Wall.

– An immediate resumption of negotiations toward a democratic political resolution based on equal rights and self-determination for both peoples.

– The end of both state-sanctioned violence, including torture and targeted assassinations, and terrorist attacks against civilians.

– A just resolution of the situation of Palestinian refugees in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates the right to leave and return to one’s own country.

– Political, economic and social justice for Palestinian citizens of Israel.

– Israel as a state for all its citizens.


Vivienne Porzsolt 0411 366 295
Haskell Musry 0431 268 759

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