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[We would be pleased to continue to receive signatures endorsing our advertised statement and we will continue to add these to the list already posted below. Just send a word or two to iajv99@gmail.com]

The advertisement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian newspapers on 9 October 2010 and Australian Jewish News on 8 October 2010.


“The attitude we adopt towards the Arab minority will provide the real test of our moral standards as a people.” – Albert Einstein, in a letter to the New York Times, 1948.

Not all Australian Jews condone Israel’s actions. As a growing group of concerned Jews, we share the widespread outrage at the Israeli Government’s unjust treatment of the Palestinian people.

We condemn Israel’s constant violations of international law which include:

• the invasion of Gaza in 2008 that caused around 1400 mainly civilian deaths.

• the ongoing blockade of Gaza in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

• the military assault in May against a civilian flotilla in international waters trying to break the blockade on Gaza.

• the separation wall running through the West Bank which was ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004

• the 43 year military occupation of the West Bank and the illegal settlements.

We believe that uncritical support of the Jewish State is not the way to memorialise the Holocaust. We have a moral obligation to speak out.

Join us in urging the Australian Government to exert pressure on Israel to conform to International Law and humanitarian standards.

Published by Independent Australian Jewish Voices on behalf of:

Total 142

Andelman, Larissa
Asoulin, Eran
Balint, Tony
Bartels, Ditta
Behrens, Gina
Beauchamp, Alice
Benjamin, Andrew
Bergmann, Ray
Bersten Robyn
Bilander, Berish
Binder, Geoffrey
Bishops, Naomi
Bloch, Barbara
Blooman, Geoffrey
Bloomberg, Karen
Boniface, Harry A
Braun, Leo
Brull, Michael
Buckstein, Ron
Burke, Carolyn
Bush, Jenny
Carleton, Jenny
Cebon, Benjamin
Christoff, Peter
Clemens, Ruth
Cohen, Ian, MLC
Cox, Eva AO
Curthoys, Ned
Dahlstrom, Bronwyn
De Saxe, Mannie
Dean, Tamara
di Suvero, Henry
Docker, John
Dowse, Sara
Emerman, Marsha
Epstein, Sarah
Erlich, Nicole
Fennell, Aloma
Fink, Michelle
Flax, Gabrielle
Freadman, Anne
Frenkel, Steve
Fried, Nadia
Ginges, Hal
Ginges, Heather
Glasbeek, Harry,
Glasbeek, Sandra
Goldbloom Zurbo, Sandra
Goldman, Arnold
Goodman, David
Grant, Matthew
Harris, Marshall
Heilpern, David
Horsburgh, Jennifer
Hungerford, Judy
Hunt, David
Israel, Janine
Jacobs, Keith
Jacobs, Margaret
Jaivin, Linda
Jordan, Helen
Kamerman, Sol
Kaplin, Angela
Kaye, Margaret
Kitchener, Theo
Kitching, Gavin
Koval, Peter
Kozlowski, Michael
Krantz, Kt
Leber, Sylvie
Legge, Bill
Lee, Ron
Leser, David
Leveson, Ruth
Levey, Geoffrey
Levy, James
Levy, Valerie
Lindell, Geoff
Loewenstein, Antony
Loewenstein, Jeff
Loewenstein, Violet
Marin, Paul
Markiewicz, Anne
Martin-Iverson, Victoria
Midalia, Dan
Midalia, Leon
Moore, Stefan
Morris, Alan
Munz, Martin
Musry, Haskell
Neering, Ian
Nimni, Ephraim
Nissen, Alex
Oaten, Rod
Pataki, Tamas
Pogos, Abe
Porzsolt, Vivienne
Prestel, Claudia
Raber, Richard
Reed, Karl
Rich, Joe
Riemer, Andrew
Romer, Marta
Rosenbaum, David
Ross, Edna
Roszycki, Jack
Rothfield, Andrew
Rothfield, Pamela
Rubinstein, Keren T
Rubner, Paul
Rutovitz, Jay
Saks, Daniel
Sarkadi, Andrew
Salom, Margot
Schetzer, Louis
Shapiro-Liu, Rosemary
Siddle, Genevieve
Silverstein, Jordy
Slezak, Peter
Slezak, Vera
Stoneberg, Garfield
Stratton, Jonathan
Tambour, Anna
Thayer, Sparky
Topliss, Helen
Vance, Bernard
Varga, Susan
Vorsay, Avril
Wetherell, David
White, Michael
Winston, George AM
Witton, Nic
Witton, Ron
Zagor, Matthew
Zion, Deborah
Zion, Lawrie

Anonymous: 6


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