Norman Finkelstein’s criticisms of the BDS

One of the responses to Finkelstein’s criticisms of the BDS movement is by David Letwin on The Electronic Intifada (“Transforming Finkelstein’s BDS Attack Into Opportunity”).


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  1. justiceforeall

    very intresting thank you for uploading this.
    what was very hard for me to hear from mr. finkelstein is that the arab palestinians who carry the israeli citizenship are just like every other minority in the world, and are not in the equation anyways, since Arafat did not mention them in the idependant decleration in 1989. my arrgument re this would be these points:
    1. it is a basis that palestinians insid israel today are the indigiounas people, they lived the Nakba- the ethnical cleansing in 1948, and lived under military regime until 1966 and untill today facing a racism in all dimensions – political, ecconomical, freedom of speach, educational. a minority which is not just phisicly oppressed but pschologicly. me as a palestinian who carrys the israeli ID, should make clear that we do not accept israel as a natural state and cannot do that under the resolution of two state, israel was made with blood and expulsion of a nation by many means with the help of the british mandate.. it was not an innocant “war” that they won and that’s it.. it was a rape of the people and tha land. this is not just a detail in the whole equasion this is the starting point. accepting israel as a jewish stateis nothing but hepocrasy as you have said. what was made with blood should be paid for and every palestinan should be compensated for the injustice.
    as simple as germans compensated jews after th Shuaa.
    2. accordind to the first point, as long as the two state solution is proposed, the state of israel should be a state of all it’s citezins no prefered laws for the jews – starting from the autimaticly right of return for the jews. within the 2 atate solution we demand a cultural autonomy which should assure outr right to learn and study our history and culture and literture.

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