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Dear Friends,

In addition to irregular newsletters, we are hoping to send occasional messages with specific focus on some current issues and concerns.

On this occasion we would draw your attention to the planned visit in June of Avigail Abarbanel who has recently published a volume of essays by activist, dissident Jews titled ‘Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists’. Available at the link  below, the publisher’s website says the book “offers a fresh and unusual angle on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is a unique contribution in a field where political analysis is common, but where the personal angle is often lacking.”

Avigail is a psychotherapist in private practice and an activist for Palestinian rights. She was born in Israel in 1964 and served in the Israeli army during Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Avigail moved to Australia in 1991 where she lived for eighteen years and where she completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The volume has a Foreword by Harvard’s Professor Sara Roy. Australian authors include, Sivan Barak, Ray Bergmann, Nicole Erlich, David Langsam, Vivienne Porzsolt, Margot Salom and Peter Slezak. Other authors include Jeff Halper from Israel, Ilan Pappe from the UK and Anna Baltzer from the US, among many others.

The publisher’s webpage for the book may be seen here:

Find the book on Facebook:

Electronic Intifada has just published a review of Beyond Tribal Loyalties at:

We are planning to provide funding support for Avigail’s visit and for  the book launches in various capital cities, to be announced soon.

For the airfare and other costs, we hope to raise $5,000. A  contribution of $50 would be very helpful in supporting this worthwhile initiative that can help to present an alternative model of Jewish responses to the Israel/Palestine problem.

We encourage you to make a contribution by donating to IAJV. You may either use the “Donate” button on our website 

Or contact us for our bank details for making an electronic transfer.

Thank you in advance,

Independent Australian Jewish Voices
Peter Slezak
Antony Loewenstein
Eran Asoulin


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