Filmmakers seek support for their film celebrating the Jewish role in Iraqi music

Filmmakers seek support for their film celebrating the Jewish role in Iraqi music

On the Banks of the Tigris: the hidden story of Iraqi music is a documentary film and peace education project, nearing completion. It tells the story of Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background who seeks the source of songs he loves and discovers a hidden history – the Jewish role in Iraqi music.

On September 27, 2012, London’s renowned Barbican Centre will host the “On the Banks of the Tigris” concert, uniting Jewish, Muslim and Christian Iraqi musicians, and presented by Majid Shokor.
The filmmakers need your help to film this exciting event.

To support the project use this link.

Donations can be small or large. Everyone receives a reward and the filmmakers’ warm thanks and appreciation.

The concert is part of the Barbican’s Transcender Music Festival. The superb Yair Dalal and his Israeli group, Ahmed Mukhtar who lives in London, and Farida’s Iraqi Maqam Ensemble from Amsterdam will all perform.

The concert will be the final chapter in the documentary.  It will show how Iraqi music and culture crosses religious boundaries and expresses the aspirations of Jews, Muslims and Christians to live together in harmony, as they did for thousands of years.

Film director, Marsha Emerman, says: “The concert in London fulfills a dream we’ve had for years.  Filming this concert will send a message of peace and reconciliation to audiences around the world.  We hope people will be inspired to attend the concert and to support our film project”.

For more information and to view the new 5 min trailer you can visit the filmmaker’s website at or contact


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