J-Wire article and Danny Lamm response to petition calling Israel to end detention of Palestinians without charge

(original here)

…and the signatories are

A petition has been presented to the Australian Jewish Community demanding “Israel end detention of Palestinians without charge. J-Wire publishes the signatories and The Executive Council of Australian Jewry response…


Palestinian and Jewish Australians’ plea to the Australian Jewish Community
Demand Israel end detention of Palestinians without charge

An open letter to the Australian Jewish community.

We, the undersigned, are Australians of Jewish and Palestinian backgrounds who share a concern for the ongoing Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, of administrative detention without charge, including of minors.
We believe the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike not only highlights these unjust practices, but is increasingly underscoring the desperate situation Palestinians face.
Furthermore, we are disturbed by the public silence on these matters by the Australian Jewish community. On what basis can there be support for such policies?
We call on all Jewish people and organisations to speak out about this policy and demand that Israel immediately ends its policy of administrative detention without charge of Palestinians, including minors.



from Dr Danny Lamm, president of The Executive Council of Australian Jewry

“Everyone has the right to express their views, but it is disturbing that this petition is so one sided, reeks of hypocrisy and has a ludicrously selective view of the facts on the ground.  Nowhere does it mention Israel’s adherence to the rule of law and  oversight by the Supreme Court.  Conspicuously, it does not condemn or even call for condemnation of groups like Hamas which have for years deliberately targeted innocent civilians, including women and children and exploited Palestinian children to carry out lethal terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

One of the two murderers of the Fogel family in March 2011 was a minor. Whilst his mother at first tried to assert that her son had only confessed to the crime under torture, this lie was soon exposed when he re-enacted the attack before security officials and demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the grisly details.  Sadly, the young terrorist also expressed pride in the killings. Even more sadly, the signatories to this petition choose time and again to remain silent in the face of such atrocities committed against Israel and her people.

No-one who is actively involved in the life of the Jewish community in Australia or has a knowledge of the facts within Israel would have anything to do with this petition or give it the slightest credence. It should further be noted that the hunger strike to which the petition also refers ceased as a result of changes to the detention laws  agreed to by Israel  some time ago, but true to form, this fact is omitted.”


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