Ilan Pappe events in Sydney

List of events in Sydney for Ilan Pappe’s speaking tour:

Sunday, September 16,

Sydney University and CJPP
The Forgotten Palestinians

Monday, September 17
UNSW, School of Humanities

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Sunday, September 23
Opera House, Sydney Dangerous Ideas
Israel is an Apartheid State

Professor Ilan Pappe
Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies and
Co-Director for the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies
University of Exeter

Ilan Pappé is one of Israel’s New Historians who, since the declassification of Israeli archival material in the early 1980s, have been rewriting the history of Israel’s creation in 1948 and the expulsion or flight of 700,000 Palestinians in the same year. In 2006 he published ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ which argued that the expulsions were not borne of war as other historians have suggested, but were by design according to Plan Dalet drawn up in 1947 by Israel’s future leaders. “The story of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is a crime against humanity that Israel has wanted to deny and the world has wanted to forget” Pappe writes. He argues that “a painful journey into the past is the only way forward if we want to create a better future for us all, Israeli and Palestinians alike”.


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