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Hi all,

We are writing to let you know of the latest initiative by the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN), of which IAJV is a founding member. The latest APAN action alert regards the support for Palestinian recognition in the UN. As the APAN website says:

The Palestinian Authority have announced that they will be seeking admission to the UN as a non-member state at the General Assembly, probably sometime around the 29 November.  We hope people will join us to lobby the Australian Government to support the majority of the world in voting YES to this resolution.  Whatever comes next, we think this is an important step of recognising that Palestine cannot stand alone to negotiate with its occupier Israel.

 APAN have established an online petition at 

Please sign yourself, then circulate this link widely amongst your networks. The petition text is the short italicised paragraph at the start, with the rest an explanatory note for potential signatories. If you would like a paper based petition, click here to download printable version, with signatures to be received by 12th November.

We would also encourage everyone to also write to the Foreign Minister directly about this. Letters always carry much more weight than signatures on a petition, and do not need to be long or detailed.  Letters can be e-mailed to

APAN will seek to meet with Senator Carr in mid-November to present the petition and discuss the case for voting YES.  We will also be contacting politicians who have expressed support for Palestine to do whatever they can to support this.  If you have any relationships with politicians, we’d ask you to make contact with them and ask them to also act in support.

It should be stressed that the support of Australia for Palestinian recognition in the UN is now even more important since Australia has become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

As we talked about in our last newsletter, IAJV was a co-sponsor of the speaking tour by the Israeli historian and social activist Professor Ilan Pappe. He spoke in Sydney (at the Opera House’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas and elsewhere), Wollongong (where he was the keynote speaker at the Collaborative Struggle Conference), Adelaide (where he gave the Edward Said Memorial Lecture), Canberra (where he addressed the National Press Club), and in Melbourne.

You can watch or listen to some of Ilan Pappe’s talks and media appearances by following the links below:

University of Sydney lecture  “The Forgotten Palestinians”
hosted by the Sydney Peace Foundation, Coalition of Justice and Peace in Palestine & Leichhardt Friends of Hebron Sunday 16 September 2012

ABC Radio National  Breakfast Show
with Geraldine Doogue Monday 17 Sep 2012

ABC TV Q & A with Tony Jones Monday 17 Sep 2012

ABC Radio Conversation Hour
with Jon Faine, Claire Bowditch & Greg Jericho Tuesday 18 Sep 2012

University of Melbourne lecture “Palestine/Israel: a new paradigm”
hosted by Australians for Palestine Tuesday 18 Sep 2012

National Press Club, Canberra Wednesday 19 Sep 2012

The Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Saturday 22nd of September 2012
“The Arab Spring and the Arabists’ Winter: Revisiting Orientalism”

“Desegregating The Conflict: The History Of Collaborative Struggle In Palestine”
Collaborative Struggle Conference, 24.09.2012.
Institute for Social Transformation Research, in cooperation with the School of History and Politics,
Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong

As always, the IAJV website is being constantly updated with the latest news and views about the Middle East, as are our twitter and facebook accounts.And we would be grateful for support for our ongoing efforts, without which we would not have been able to continue our various activities including helping to sponsor Professor Pappe’s tour. Donations can be made in the following ways. You may use the “Donate” button on our website

Or contact us for our bank details for making an electronic transfer.

Cheques can be written to “IAJV” and posted to:IAJV
PO Box 6128
UNSW Sydney, NSW 1466

Thank you in advance,

Independent Australian Jewish Voices
Peter Slezak
Antony Loewenstein
Eran Asoulin
James Levy


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