This is from APAN (the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network), of which IAJV is a founding member:
In this dark hour for Palestine, as the death toll in Gaza passes 100 and Israeli attacks on Gaza continues to escalate, we encourage people to be as active as they can to support Palestine.

THANK YOU to all those who have signed APAN’s petition for Australia to support the UN General Assembly resolution for Palestine to become a non-member state.  The vote in the UN is now due for next week, and it’s now even more important for Palestine to have our support.  We’ve now shifted our focus to the Prime Minister – if you haven’t already, please sign our petition and then contact the Prime Minister as per the ‘update’ at the bottom of the petition text.  We will be in the Foreign Minister’s office later this week to state the case as strongly as we can – and every voice helps.


1.       Attend a rally. Protest rallies are being held nationally this week to speak out against the attacks in Gaza.  Please support the event in your nearest city.

2.       Tell our leaders that Israel needs to stop its attacks. Email Senator Carr or comment on his blog post(which condemns Hamas rockets but not the Israeli attacks).  Email Julia Gillard.

3.       Donate money.  APHEDA are requesting urgent donations to support emergency packages in Gaza.  At least one of their greenhouse projects have been demolished in the Israeli attacks.  Anglican Overseas Aid and Act for Peace have also released updates of how their projects are affected by this crisis and are asking for donations.

4.       Contacting the media (letters, talkback, online stories), particularly if you think they are involved in unbalanced reporting about what is happening in Gaza.

Senator Doug Cameron spoke out in both Parliament and the media this week in support of Palestine.
We would commend the commentary of the current violence in Gaza from Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights.


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