Jews Against the Occupation answers critics on Israel & Palestine

Jews Against the Occupation (JAO) respond to their critics on everything from claims that ‘Israel is a democracy’ to ‘you are not real Jews’, from why they support BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) to why they refer to Israel as an ‘apartheid state’ and more. They also explain where their stance came from and why they started to question Zionism (support for an exclusively Jewish state).

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  1. Andrew Richards

    I’ll repost my comments I made to that video as I think they’re worth mentioning from the perspective of having studied the issue last year at university:

    The irony of some comments posted below is that people use one Holocaust to justify another. They villify Palestinians stereotypically as rapists (as seen in comments being responded to by JAO), yet ignore the fact that the IDF has regularly used rape as a weapon of war – in addition to child-beating, arbitrary arrests and arbitrary torture including torturing children to coerce confessions from parents (ala Sadam Husein).

    They say “what about the Jews being killed” while failing to grasp that it’s as depraved and hypocritical as villainising the indigenous people who killed white settlers here in Australia during the colonial period.

    They decry them as militants whilst ignoring that the IDF is quite literally a restructured terrorist triumvirate whose legitimacy is contentious as that of Al Qaeda.

    They hide behind the Holocaust whilst ignoring that what Israel is doing is in and of itself a Holocaust. These people ironically claim that anyone who doesn’t support Israel is either not a Jew or an Antisemite. The fact is though that Zionism, spiritually speaking, is not about a worship of God, but of Imperialism, and therefore money, and in turn, Satan. No self respecting and genuine child of God – be their Jew, Christian or Muslim, supports it. Of course most people have no idea what Antisemitism actually means or the politics behind the modern meaning of the term.

    The fact is that Antisemitism, by way of the meaning of “Semite”, actuallymeans bigotry towards Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians and Phonecians. The reason most people don’t understand the meaning of the term is because of Zionist hijacking of the Holocaust.

    The fact is that at the most conservative estimates, the 5.8 million Jewish Holocaust victims make up less than 53% of the 11 million victims (some estimates are as high as 30 million) and they were not the first to go (the disabled were). Contrary to the “official story”, Antisemitism was not the core ideology of the Holocaust – eugenics was, with Antisemitism falling under its umbrella. Hitler’s “final solution” can only be regarded as slightly more callous than mainstream eugenic attitudes towards the Jews.

    Where Hitler reduced the Jews to the level of “savages” in terms of eugenic approaches, mainstream Eugenics proponents such as Julian Huxley and H.G. Wells, effectively regarded Jews as “half-castes” and advocated for their eradication through assimilation (these same individuals were the ideological impetus for the policies pertaining to “the stolen generation), whereas they regarded non-caucasians as straight out undesirables.

    How this ties together is that despite common belief in the Middle Eastern origins of Judaism, what happened was that some Middle Easterners were classed as “half-castes” Jews, and some were classed as “undesirables” (just as with indigenous policy in the 1930s). Thus due to that ideological difference, Jews were classed as “Semites”, whilst other Middle Easterners were classed as “undesirables”/”savages”. It’s worth noting that even Zionists of the time viewed non-Jewish Middle Easterners in this manner.

    Finally people claim that being opposed to Zionism automatically makes you antisemitic. The irony is that what these people don’t realise is that the non-Jewish British citizens who were staunch supporters of Zionism were in many cases themselves antisemitic and acting out of paranoia resulting from their own antisemitism, which in turn was played on by Jewish Zionists who were not only aware of it, but how to manipulate it.

    The infamous incident where Chaim Weizmann [unsuccessfully] threatened Woodrow Wilson at the San Remo Conference, that the Amercian Jewry would “turn Bolshevik” if he didn’t support the Balfour Declaration, is a classic case of this (he failed because unlike the antisemitic Britain of the time, America was very sympathetic to a post-Pogrom Jewry).

    People need to stop blindly believing the “official story” & see the truth with their own eyes. When they do, they’ll see that the Jews whose heart is genuine & pious are those who oppose Zionism & that those who are the real “fake Jews” are those who staunchly defend the “antichrist” of Zionism (ie something which claims to be of God and to act with that impunity, but at its heart, is really of Satan rather than God).

    JAO, I salute you for showing the world what a REAL Jew is.

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