Free Gaza Australia appeal for support for Gaza’s Ark – Sailing from Palestine against the blockade

(This is from Gaza’s Ark website.)

Free Gaza Australia – formerly Gaza Freedom Flotilla Group (Australia) – was established in 2010, in Sydney. In 2011, we participated in Freedom Flotilla Two – Stay Human and Freedom Waves, in which international human rights activists sailed on the Tahrir and other boats, to challenge the blockade of Gaza. Through our fundraising we became part-owners of the Tahrir. Our participation increased the exposure and understanding of the Gaza blockade locally, raised media coverage and created immediacy in our Government lobbying; particularly when one of our members, Michael Coleman, was detained after the Israeli navy attacked our boat in international waters.

Our current project for 2012/2013 is called Gaza’s Ark. In cooperation with partners in Palestine, Canada, USA and Europe, this time we will sail a boat, bought and renovated in Gaza, to other ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It will carry Palestinian products, fulfilling trade deals with individuals and organisations from all over the world. Gaza’s Ark will challenge the blockade from the ‘inside out’, by building hope on the ground in Gaza and supporting the Palestinians of Gaza to rebuild their economy, through outbound trade. Further information can be found on our international website, including on the FAQ page, that should answer any questions you may have.

We believe that the failure of the Australian Government to speak out against the blockade condones Israel’s refusal to comply with its international obligations including its disregard for the human rights of the Palestinians of Gaza. This silence compels us, as citizens of good conscience, to act where our Government consistently fails to do so.

With your assistance we will buy Gaza’s Ark within the next month. We are hoping to raise $40,000 in Australia to contribute to the overall budget of approximately $400,000. Please help us buy, renovate fill and float the boat by sharing information and donation options with your supporters. We have included some leaflets in this package and have further supplies should you desire some for an upcoming mail out.

In summary you can help by:
• Directing supporters to our international Gaza’s Ark website
• Endorsing the project
• Befriending us on Facebook
Making a donation online


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