APAN election campaign – “I support Palestine and I vote”

From the APAN mailing list:

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Dear APAN members


Thank you to all of you for being part of our network – one that is growing, both in terms of numbers and political influence.


Two of our major asks in lobbying the Australian Government in the last year has been to identify settlements as illegal and, given that their party platform calls for a two state solution, to join with the US in identifying the 1967 borders as the basis for a peace settlement.  Bob Carr has done both those things in his Opinion Piece, published in both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian this week.


APAN has also been preparing for the Federal election by developing a campaign to signal to both the major parties and the Greens that there are significant constituencies that are concerned about Australian foreign policy regarding Palestine.   APAN has identified a number of seats in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne which are both marginal and have a high proportion of Arabic speaking or Muslim voters, and we’ll focus our energies on those seats.


We have also produced campaign resources that can be used by anybody, anywhere across the country.  These include a DL size postcard and a sticker, which are available now for distribution.   We are also working on an electronic campaign which will feature both an e-letter to local candidates, as well as a social media image that can be shared.  The electronic campaign will be launched in about two weeks.


You can help in our campaign in the following ways:

1.       Using our postcards and bumper stickers (they could be used in mail outs, stalls, or be given to friends).  Just let us know how many you need and we’ll post them to you.

2.       Promoting our electronic campaign through newsletters, e-mail or social media (further e-mail to come when this is launched).

3.       Arranging meetings with your local candidates.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you can join us in raising our voices for Palestine in this important time.



On behalf of George Browning, APAN President


Jessica Morrison
APAN Executive Officer



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