List of rallies for Gaza in Australia

rally for palestine


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  1. Do you think CNN will put humanity first and start showing all the facts?
    Below is a copy of a comment to Mr Wolf Blitzer on his situation room website which was promptly brought down.

    Dear Mr Blitzer,

    Why is it that the Palestinian side of this dispute, swept under the carpet in the reporting on this dispute.

    Are these human lives lost, completely worthless;
    why don’t you keep emphasising that the Palestinian’s in Gaza are locked out of the rest of the land now occupied by glamourised Israeli cities and kibbutz’s;
    why don’t you tell the world that the Israeli illegal occupation has treated the Palestinian people in the worst possible manner, where water, food and shelter are restricted the basic right of all life on this planet let alone the lives of other human beings like you and I;
    there has to be a comparison here between Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel, without the usual tiring threat of anti semitism;
    after all i am more of a semite than 90% of Israeli’s and i must by definition be anti zionist but then again i am pro life;
    otherwise what has the world learnt from the holocaust;
    6 million Jewish lives were lost, are we now going to allow the same toll in Palestinian life, before we act;
    Why don’t you use the media power you have been provided with, to tell the whole truth, so that your audience starts to understand that the world needs to act before a people are wiped off the map in the worst possible way;
    it will be a stain on all human conscience for a long time to come;
    and you yourself can have the self satisfaction having contributed towards true peace and the stopping of the holocaust that has been evolving for the past 70 years;
    i implore you for all those still living, act now;

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