APAN: Australia votes no to Palestine: sorry end to Australian UN Security Council term

From the APAN newsletter:


Dear Members of APAN,

You may have heard in the news that the UN Security Council resolution to set a date for the end of the occupation of Palestine was defeated last night with only Australia besides the US voting against the resolution. The resolution was supported by eight other members including Russia, China, France, Argentina, Chile, Luxemburg, Chad and Jordan. Five other countries abstained including the UK, Rwanda, Nigeria, Lithuania, and South Korea.

In defending its position the Australian government stated that the resolution “.. lacks balance and seeks to impose a solution put forward by one party alone.” Obviously, the Australian Government is happy for Israel to continue to impose its solution on the Palestinian via the blockade of Gaza and the colonization of the West Bank. This was Australia’s last action as a member of the Security Council.

The latest opinion poll initiated by APAN and conducted by Ray Morgan have clearly shown that 57% of Australians want the government to vote for the recognition of Palestinian State. One wonder who’s interest and agenda this government represent.

Vote Yes_Dec_14

This map shows the majority of the world already recognises Palestine (all countries in green do). But even though the majority of Australians support immediate recognition of Palestine, Australia doesn’t yet!

In December with the support of APAN, hundreds of Australians including many of you wrote to their local representatives asking them to support a YES vote in the UN Security Council. Unfortunately, we did not win this time.

Australian parliamentarians have begun calling for immediate recognition of Palestine! Lets get behind them and call on the rest of parliament to join them!

We thank you all for your continued support of the Palestinians for their quest to live free and in peace.

We hope the new year brings peace and prosperity to you and to Palestine.

Salaam, Peace

APAN Executive

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  1. Brian Boru

    🍀🍀🍀Ireland and the UK does too
    Update the map if possible Thx 👍🍀


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