CJPP Dinner with Amira Hass (Sydney)

Dinner with Amira Hass (Sydney) – now fully booked and no seats are available.


An oppportunity for people in Sydney to meet Amira Hass, the internationally famous journalist and author.
As the only Israeli correspondent actually based in Palestine, she witnesses the injustices of the occupation firsthand and reports with a clarity and honesty that is rare amongst journalists anywhere.
Born in Jerusalem, Amira is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. In the nineties, she spent three years living in Gaza, later writing the widely acclaimed book, “Drinking the Sea at Gaza,”. She now lives in Ramallah.
Her defence of the Palestinian right to resist and her insistence that the source of violence is actually the Israeli occupation has brought widespread criticism. Israeli police have arrested her for travelling to Gaza to report on events there.

Come and hear Amira’s discuss Israel’s policies on Palestine, their attacks on Gaza and the recent Israeli election.
Booking: http://tinyurl.com/cjppdinner

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