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Michael Brull is a leftist Jew, and his views should not be taken to represent the views of anyone else. His view that Palestinians are human has outraged the Zionist lobbies. An AIJAC writer says Brull wants to see the West Bank “Judenrein”, and the Anti-Defamation Commission and Labor MP Michael Danby say he’s anti-Semitic. Danby also thinks he’s “the poor man’s Loewenstein”.


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IAJV is not an organization or society with members or political platform. In accordance with the principles enunciated in the initial statement, we aim to widen the debate to include a range of opinions not reflected in mainstream Jewish media or official community organizations. As part of this effort, our blogs provide a forum for independent Jewish opinions that are, of course, those of their authors and not those of IAJV organizers or signatories of any IAJV petitions or statements.

One comment

  1. Joe Carli

    Mr. Brull……I(until quite recently) post commentry on articles featured on ‘The Drum’ and ‘Opinion’. I post under the name of “Jaycee”…I even posted on your last article concerning censorship…I am what could be called ; “A rabid Left-winger”…and as a consequence do post some rather risque and decidedly ‘blunt satire’ against the right-wingers on that site…To be fair, I only attack those who display in their posts crude and vitriolic attacks against minority and vulnerable groups. There are indeed others like myself and lately, I perceive this small band of ‘leftish warriors’ has been wiped from the boards of the postings on the Drum! Even after having my posts put up, I have seen they have been wiped out!…There is at this time a post on your article by one ; “Harquebus” that makes mention of the censorship policy of the ABC moderators…..He may be next to go.
    To be fair to the moderators in my case, I have vented my spleen toward them after numerous censorship of my posts. I have to say I can be rather vicious when I do such ‘venting’!
    But I do see a serious pattern arising on the ABC forums and that is a sort of overt AND covert swing toward the ‘right’ by the selective ‘steering’ of approved postings on opinions such as yours and particularly those on ‘boat-people’.
    One has to worry.
    I leave the ABC moderators to ‘sculpture’ their policy without any complaint from me…I am of the opinion that whinging to the moderator is of little console…I can look after myself on matters literal!
    Anyway, I give you this imformation as a warning…..regards…”Jaycee”

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